Chasing Adventure from the Plains of North Dakota

My name is Jake Nixon and I was born into a very average family in the mountains of Colorado. I grew up skiing, mountain biking, and exploring. I first decided to pick up a camera in the summer of 2014, one year after enlisting in the United States Air Force. The occasion was a one hundred mile backpacking trip through Cimarron, New Mexico with more than twenty friends. After taking more than two thousand photos in the two week trip, I was hooked on photography.

It took three years of improving my skills in all aspects of photography for me to first call myself a photographer. I took home Best of Show and Best Color for two pieces in my first ever gallery submission. Any half decent hobbyist with a DSLR will come across praise for their work from friends and family on social media, but this was when I started taking my hobby seriously.

As Uncle Sam has me stationed in the middle of North Dakota, inspiration for photography has not been all that easy. I have traveled from coast to coast on personal adventures and work business trips. A routine training opportunity on the central coast of California turned into a 7,000 mile solo camping road trip in the spring of 2016. I took more than four thousand photos, bought a bike, saw a mountain lion, and fell completely in love with the beauty of planet Earth and this country.

I continue to stretch towards exploration of this continent through any means necessary. This world is a beautiful place, and I want to capture that beauty and share it with you. Thank you for being a part of the adventure.